Dating and marriage in tanzania

Agnes Robi (61) says she decided to pay six cattle to marry Sophia Bhoke Alex (25) after her six daughters moved away.“She has given me one baby girl already, while we are still praying for her to get a baby boy who would take over this compound when I die,” Robi says.It’s not uncommon for women to be prohibited from inheriting property in Tanzania.If you have less than 21 days required to put "a notice of intention to marry", you need to make an application for “Special Marriages Licence” from the Registrar of Marriages.An application form for “Special Marriages Licence” will be issued and dully filled and a copy of the certificate of no impediment attached to it.

Nyumba ntobhu is blessed by all the family members and accepted by the society,” says Chacha.

Other useful documents to have are Birth certificate, or personal information from registrar of population in your country.

If you intend to be married in church a letter from your pastor/priest will be helpful.

Some women choose not to marry a man because they say they want to avoid domestic violence.

Bupe Matambalya says she witnessed her older sisters “beaten nearly dead” by their husbands and decided that she would never marry a man.

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Initially, the culture of women marrying women was practised as an option for barren women.

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