Persona 3 portable dating multiple girls

It was so much that even other church-going Christians were complaining that she was making them uncomfortable.

When confronted about it, she said she knew she was working lower hours but it was because she relied on transportation from her husband, so she had to go when he said to.Remember the letter-writer in March whose employee was refusing to go on business trips because her husband didn’t want her to and her religion required her to obey her husband?They’d also gotten rid of her car because “queens don’t drive”? The situation got worse before it got better, and my boss didn’t want to take much action.A lot of folks in the comments were worried the employee was being abused — I don’t have any evidence that she wasn’t a willing participant, but I did post fliers in the bathrooms about an abuse hotline, just in case.(Also, there were some comments veering into Islamaphobia on the original post.

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