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Once you open the video message in Chrome you can download the message, and then play the downloaded file with VLC media player.

However, this method may not work anymore if you’re using a newer version of Skype.

Second, these files get deleted the moment you quit Skype.

So if you want to keep your own messages, you need to remember to copy them before you quit Skype.

Even if Skype (or Microsoft) decides to close this service in the future, or if something goes really bad and causes a catastrophic data loss (which will probably get you nothing more than an official apology, saying that they’re so sorry for this and that they will study the incident to make sure that it won’t happen again – but nothing else), you’ll still have local copy of this data. So let’s assume we have a video message that you can view in your chat history and that you want to save.

In previous versions of Skype, when you get a video message you also receive a link to view the video message on your browser.

So how do you actually download those priceless video messages?

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