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This is due to the fact that their Introverted Feeling (Fi) function is in the auxiliary rather than dominant position in their functional stack.Hence, less mature ENFPs can often seem rather fickle or hypocritical.And while ENFPs may experience satisfying relationships with SJs later in life, following years of growth and development, pairing with SJs in their younger years often proves unsatisfying, once the initial infatuation has worn off.It may even stifle the personal growth and type development of both partners as they go about “crutching” each other’s inferior function.Early in their type development, ENFPs may be attracted to the stability and consistency of SJ types (i.e., ESTJs, ISTJs, ISFJs, ESFJs), especially those who display similar values and worldviews.This is due to the fact that SJs outwardly embody the ENFP’s own inferior function (Si), which they instinctively sense is an important element in their journey toward wholeness.

Perhaps more than anything, ENFPs hate being bored or stifled.This compels them to seek partners who are interesting, curious about the world, and open to new ideas and experiences.They want a mate with similar values who is willing to accompany them wherever life leads.They may give lip service to certain Si values, while living in a way that seems to contradict those values.This can of course be difficult for their prospective partners, who may feel confused about who the ENFP really is.

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