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If you plan to move during your job search, gain permission from your parents, relatives, or friends to use one of their addresses.

When making calls and corresponding with recruiters and prospective employers, always bear in mind any differences between your location and that of the corresponding party.

There is nothing more that will qualify you more for positions teaching English abroad than earning an accredited TEFL certification.

In addition, you want to provide a strong answer when any potential employer asked you about your qualifications to teach professionally.

Applying for teaching jobs in advance enables you to pursue multiple opportunities in multiple countries without committing to one until you have found the best fit for you.

If you have an alternate telephone number or pager that you want someone to call, include it in the message.

The benefit of a video interview on skype or other programs is the interviewer can look you in the eye and see how you hold yourself.

They want to see if you are neatly dressed, professional looking, if you have a tattoo on your forehead, etc. Put on a nice interview outfit, that means a suit and tie for a man and a nice dress blouse or suit jacket for a woman.

Before accepting any job, make sure that you receive a contract and/or job description that clearly outlines terms employment like salary, benefits and workload expections before accepting a job offer.

International TEFL Academy students and graduates can ask for advice and assistance from experienced job search advisors with reviewing contracts and job offers.

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