Dating a ginger

And, while you might think we’d be offended by so many people pretending to be us when they’re really not, it’s OK.If you want to be a redhead, then that’s only one step away from SLEEPING with one. Not that we’re even close to half of you or anything. This hair-dye thing applies to both men and women by the way.

And, for the record, when I say “all of your fates”, I mean you dummies who watch the show, and want to kick gingers because of it. So when the SP 150 and SPF 200 start becoming commonplace, while you sun worshipers scoff at the idea of anyone needing such a strong solar shield, we will silently horde it all for ourselves. You mainly see fake redheaded women, but dudes get into the act as well. The more people who get corrupted by their desire to be just like a real-live ginger, then the easier it becomes for us to attain our ultimate goal.Back in 2005, South Park put out an entire episode dedicated to Cartman’s hatred of redheads.Here’s yet one more reason to not mess with us: everything you’ve heard about the redhead temper? It’s not always the best trait to have, to be sure.If we don’t keep our temper in check while living our everyday lives, then we’re probably going to screw ourselves out of at least one job opportunity, and more than a few relationships.

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The whole point of the character is that he’s a bigoted little turd who deserves every bad thing that comes his way; hardly a role model for your outlook on life.

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