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it appears to be a championship ring that he is wearing; could be his 1951 National League championship ring or possibly his 1954 World Series Ring. presently; shrunkwrap with thick backing; to protect it. full color photo testimonial ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes. double page; full color for National Youth Sales Club. He is shown talking to other players in 4 panel strip; discussing the merits of CAMEL Cigarettes. Photo of him in upper right; says JIMMY FOXX; BOSTON voted American League's Most Valuable Player in 1938. shrunkwrap on heavy cardboard backing for easy display. portrait photo of MICKEY MANTLE and reads: "Mickey Mantle Says: Boys; Any big league "pro" will tell you when you earn something yourself - you enjoy it twice as much". Charles Salmon, 61, and his brother Henry, 56, joint managing directors, have sent a letter to suppliers and newsagents and tourist shops announcing 'a proposal to withdraw from publishing'.

This year's calendar and diary collection includes over 300 titles featuring the counties and regions of Britain, nostalgic transport and countryside images, retro and vintage posters, pets and wildlife and contemporary artwork.

He added: 'People are going for shorter breaks, not for a fortnight, so you're back home before your postcards have arrived.'Established by Joseph Salmon, a London bookseller when he bought a stationer's and printing shop in Sevenoaks, the family business expanded when his eldest son, also called Joseph, started printing picture postcards in 1900. His world of thatched cottages, spired churches, horse and carts, uniformed maids and rosy-cheeked children in Sunday best soon gained a huge following.

The first scenes were black-and-white views of Sevenoaks. One of the firm's biggest coups was commissioning watercolour artist A. During the Second World War, with paper and ink in short supply, J.

Please help identify the years of usage for these real photo postcard stamp backs.

Also looking for stamp boxes/backs not listed on this web site, U.

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Salmon produced morale-boosting patriotic postcards. The firm, which employs 50 staff, has until now fought off competition from the digital camera by producing larger, glossier photographs and updating its stunning photographic views of Britain.

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