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“If I’m not getting enough from them, I just say, ‘You’re not worth my time.’ If he’s not texting me or if I don’t feel something, I don’t even bother.

If they say they’re your one and only and don’t do much, then why bother?

“Sometimes I’ll just lay there and look up at the ceiling and think about how much I want to cry,” she said.

When she walks away from her sugar life, she will remember the effect it will have made on her character.

There was not a single expense she had to worry about.

He arranged for a driver to pick her up from campus to take her to the airport. He purchased the tickets the day before and made sure she would be able to return to Georgia that very same day.

“I’m scared to have any big moments with these guys because then it will all end up being nothing.”A secret some may never know about If her parents found out about her sugar life, she is almost sure they would disown her.

So she’s kept it quiet from them along with a number of people that are close to her.“I act normal,” she said. I’ve got that life.”From a very young age, she learned how to lie to her parents.

She wishes she was in a genuine relationship because the stress would be far less.“It’s weird,” she said.“The money they make is pretty good and all they have to do is take off their clothes.Prostitution runs close to being a stripper, but they want to be with you for just a minute. It’s over.”It’s not always like the movies She works hard for the money.The website is the largest “sugar daddy” dating website with over 2.7 million users worldwide, and 42 percent of the Sugar Baby members are college students.According to Seeking, the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website, the University of Georgia recently fell from the No.

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