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As Lorraine and I talked, we had difficulty identifying other women who were at her level of management, stuttered and conducted so many teleconferences or were in such highly communicatively demanding jobs. We started to categorize all the women who stuttered we had met through the NSA, IFA and college speech clinics and programs by their vocational choices.We came up with several identifiable levels or clusters: Let me share with you some of our thoughts as we constructed this list.You can contact Nora at [email protected]: This paper discusses some of the key issues facing women who stutter who have chosen a career or are thinking of a career outside of the home.Since women represent only about 20-25% of the total population of people who stutter, and many women do not enter the external workforce at all, centering their lives around the home and family, we have only a limited understanding of the impact of stuttering on working women.Most of the women we identified fell into the first three categories.In this cluster, we could quickly name numerous successful women.

It also seemed that the stronger the interpersonal communication skills of the individual, the greater the likelihood of career success.

She has also been a member of the NSA for more than 10 years.

Culture and Environment by Vanna Nicks, MS CCC-SLP.

Kari Kelso is also one of several people in the Sacramento NSA Chapter who serve as a chapter leader.

Currently she is looking for a career primarily in research, writing, full-time teaching and/or training that uses her skills as a professional facilitator and strategic planner.

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