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We recently had the pleasure of having newlyweds Monica and Shannon Brown stop by the offices for a visit.From the moment they arrived, we could feel the love in the air.PHOTOS: Monica and Shannon's Star Studded Wedding Guest List ESSENCE. They stayed gone and off shopping and doing their own things for two days. COM: The blogs always have something to say about your relationship with Shannon -- both good and bad. MONICA: Well, you know the way that I am now I have nothing to say, no response. I love my husband and he loves me and I think if you sit back and you watch and you pay attention you’ll see it yourself.When we really got very, very serious in our dating we took both our families to Cabo. I think that in the blogosphere the idea is to have the most controversial stuff up. I thank God for the fact that they’re not true and I have peace of mind.We wanted to take them away from everyone and all the busy places and just really get to know each other. I’ve never gone more than 48 hours without talking to his mother since then. They’re not saying anything about us that they’re not saying about other couples. It took me awhile to come to this reality because I feel like my fans don’t deserve to be told any type of lies.His mom loves her baby, but what’s so amazing about my mother-in-law is that she says I wanted someone to love my baby the way I love him, for him, whether he’s playing ball or doing something else; I want someone to love my son through and through and she met me and she said, “you’re the real deal.” We’re a lot alike. If I do something silly and there’s a police report or something – not saying that’s true or anything – that’s the thing you can’t be mad about.Of course, they’re never hesitant to go to a game or two. We find ways to make it all happen, but family is first. I like it because it’s just another chance for us to communicate and to talk about what’s happened in our day.We talk about what practice was like or what my day was like. [Shannon interrupts with a big smile, “yes they are! He’s always like, “you’ve been on the phone with her for two hours? We were looking for them for a whole two days before the wedding.

But I learned it’s really just people talking until I validate it and I respond.

But it’s not a problem, as she has no intention of telling them. It's the hard body that counts, and the ability to go all night. She is always disappointed when all they want is sex. This author is a journalist for a daily rag (Daily Mail) that prints all PR releases about any celebrity. __________First thoughts when I had only read a bit of the book.

She is disappointed by the bodies of older men and cares nothing for their experience. She obsessively finds, wines and screws these young guys just for the night or sometimes more than once. They are disposable, she doesn't care about them, but she cares that they care about her and wants them to contact her again. Not what you think.(view spoiler)[Once in a while, she meets an older man, as well-off and as cultured as she is. The men are either from Tinder or some really rich guy your whorish friend who likes 'gifts' has introduced you to. Why this is one of the saddest memoirs I have ever read, is that in a giveaway of a few lines hidden in some tale, Monica says she can't orgasm unless she imagines some deep dark fantasy scenario. Not worth reading.(view spoiler)[It's even sadder because I don't believe a word of her saying she enjoys the sex so much.

Read on as she opens up about finding true bliss with Shannon, why she’s madly in love with his mother, and much more. COM: We can just see the sparks fly between you and Shannon. MONICA: That’s so easy for us, I don’t know where to start.

The best lingerie I have, Vanessa Bryant gave it to me.

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