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In Client Mode, a switch will accept and store in its RAM all VLAN information received from the VTP Server, however, this information is also saved in NVRAM, so if the switch is powered off, it won't loose its VLAN information.Below you'll find the 3 modes the VTP protocol can operate on any switch throughout the network: Each mode has been designed to cover specific network setups and needs, as we are about to see, but for now, we need to understand the purpose of each mode and the following network diagram will help us do exactly that.A typical setup involves at least one switch configured as a VTP Server, and multiple switches configured as VTP Clients.Naturally, the core switch (VTP Server) and all other switches participate in the same domain, e.g firewall, so when the VTP Server advertises new VLAN information for the VTP firewall domain, only clients (switches) configured with the same VTP Domain parameter will accept and process these changes, the rest will simply ignore them.Can't wait to schmooze your way into the arms of a dreamy daddy?You may like him and you don't know it, or you may like some part of him and because of that your subconscious is trying to tell you what your feelings are, or might me.The traditional gift theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper.

Lastly, be informed that these VTP updates will only traverse Trunk links.

Lastly, some people tend to relate the VTP Domain with the Internet Domain name space, however, this is completely incorrect.

This means that the administrator must configure each switch separately, a task that requires a lot of time and adds a considerable amount of overhead depending on the size of the network.

If the idea of manually updating all switches within your network doesn't scare you because your network is small, then imagine updating more than 15-20 switches a few times per week, so your network can respond to your organisation's you thinking now?

For small networks with a limited number of switches and VLANs, storing all VLAN information on every switch is usually not a problem, but as the network expands and VLANs increase in number, it becomes a problem and a decision must be made to select a few powerful switches as the VTP Servers while configuring all other switches to VTP Client mode.

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