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That’s remarkable, since these data are the most objective numbers available.Even so, they can be calculated by multiplying the obtained results (in gram CO2 emitted per kilowatt-hour of generated electricity) by the lifetime electricity generation.Agreed, this is the worst case scenario, and even in that case solar panels are still a better choice than fossil fuels.

In the worst case scenario, that becomes 314 kilograms of CO2.

Thin film solar cells get the best score with 20.5 grams of CO2 in the European energy mix and 25 grams of CO2 in the American energy mix.

In spite of their lower efficiency, they are more eco-friendly because they need less material and no aluminium frame.

Solar panels don’t come falling out of the sky – they have to be manufactured.

Similar to computer chips, this is a dirty and energy-intensive process.

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