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They also make 8 (NVR3208) and 16 (NVR3216) channel versions priced 9 and 9 respectively.This is bargain compared to other NVR’s or the alternative of setting up a PC with NVR software.2 cameras were setup as 1080P in a 16:9 aspect ratio, the other two where setup in 1.3MP mode which has a 4:3 aspect ratio, but it displayed both in the same manner but did so a pleasing way with the images not looking stretched or distorted.You navigate with the included mouse, the front panel or remote control.

Each camera is selected separately using the Channel drop down. By default, this NVR will record all cameras all the time for continuous video.

Selecting “Remote Devices” is where you go to configure the cameras.

You can click IP search to find them automatically.

The other thing that is set by default that you may want to change is the NVR is set up to rotate from one camera to the next automatically.

Another important option when you right-click on the main screen is “Search”. As you can see above, their’s a timeline along the bottom that shows the timeframes where video was recorded.

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