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Here's what I know: it's harder, but not impossible to get a license.

You need a lot of clean time, and a lot of people endorsing you, but generally, you can get a license.

You can even get a law degree, and provided you can pass the bar, you can work as a lawyer.The big bug-a-boo concerns crimes of violence; but even then you may get around it and get licensed.If you can't in your state, you may want to check into working elsewhere - Doctors Without Borders, the UN, etc, etc, etc.I had a failure to stop at a stop sign on a bicycle in CA way back when, but I've had to cop to that, too. I've had clients who've had nursing licenses and other healthcare type licenses. You will have problems, and hoops to jump through, but you can get and keep a license with a felony.Now, when I was in law school, a couple of students had problems. The exceptions are violent felonies, sexual felonies, and some drug cases.

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