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Copenhagen University in Denmark offers course on Beyonce, Gender and Race A university in Denmark is offering a course based on Beyonce's life.According to television station TV2, around 75 students have signed up.Pidgin takes inspiration from Portuguese, the first European language to reach Nigeria's shores, English, the enduring colonial-era language, as well as Jamaican patois imported by former slaves returning to the continent.After failing to rid of the faeces, the woman panicked and threw it out the window, leading to her attempting to grab it after it became lodged between two windows.We want to be pioneers in what written Pidgin can be.'There is no harmonisation - but that's the opportunity to have the conversation.

Speaking about the launch of the website, Bilkisu Labaran, editorial lead of the new BBC service, said: 'It's a challenging, exciting experiment.Instead make di thing land for garden, di poo-poo come jam between two windows wey no dey open wide.'In comparison, the English version says: 'The amateur gymnast was on a first date with Bristol student Liam Smith when she 'panicked' and threw the faeces out of the window.It did not land in the garden, but became wedged between two non-opening windows.' Journalists fluent in Pidgin and English have been hired by the public broadcasting service to write for the website and are based in Lagos, Nigeria.Japan: Princess Mako don announce engagement Princess Mako of Japan don announce say she wan marry person outside di royal family, after di Emperor give am green light.Dis announcement na di first step for wetin go be one long engagement, before marriage and e go also mean say Princess Mako go lose her royal title and di better things wey royals dem dey enjoy for Japan.

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Tom Cruise injury halts Mission: Impossible 6 filming American actor Tom Cruise has broken his ankle while trying to do a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6.

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